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What does the PA & NJ Reciprocal Agreement mean for me?

Maybe it was just me, but growing up halfway between Philadelphia and Trenton, I was exposed to an intense rivalry between these two states. Or perhaps it was due to my mother being from North Jersey and my father from being just outside of Philadelphia. The sports...

How much loan can I afford?

Almost every business and individual has an installment loan. Mortgage, car payment or a business startup loans are a few of the common ones. So you have sat down and figured out what monthly payment you can afford, so now how do you figure out what your budget is for...

9 Bad Habits About To Ruin Your Bookkeeping This Year

Does this image look familiar to you? Don't let the bad habits described here by Bill Gerber of AccountingDepartment.com hurt your business. I have come into contact with all of these and I know how to fix them.  Contact us today! Are you worried you might be engaging...

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