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Tax Preparation Pricing

Make tax preparation easier and less stressful with our services!

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With My Numbers Guy, getting your taxes done has never been so easy.

All you have to do is upload your tax documents in our app or online portal.  Answer a few questions and leave one of our tax prep professionals to prepare everything for you. You won’t even have to leave your couch!

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With My Numbers Guy, tax preparation has never been so easy!

 Simply upload your tax documents (W2s, 1099s, etc) from your phone or computer and fill in some basic information and you’ll be added to our queue. That’s it!

One of our preparers will start working on your tax return and we will message you in our app with any questions.

Once the return is complete, review and sign in the app and we will file your returns.

It’s so simple, you don’t even have to leave your couch!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I get audited?

My Numbers Guy has partnered with Protection Plus to include $1 Million Tax Audit Defense & Identity Theft Restoration on every return we prepare. They can help with anything from a simple letter to a full-blown audit.

Do you need my receipts for tax preparation?

No, we don’t need them unless we ask for them. We like totals by category. They are much better than receipts but you should hold on to them if the IRS does request them.

Does the app work on Android and iPhone?

Yes, it does! You can find the taxdome app on the Google Play Store and the App Store. Using the app makes our tax preparation services really easy to use.

Can I get my tax refund today?

No, we don’t offer those expensive refund anticipation loans some of our competitors do. It’s tough having to wait for your money, but the interest rates on some of these loans are higher than credit cards.

Am I supporting a small business?

Yes! We are a small family-owned business with only a few employees. We appreciate it when you shop small and use our tax preparation services!

I live in the Lehigh Valley. Can I make an in-person appointment?

Unfortunately not. As a small firm, we don’t have a designated office space to meet with clients. This allows us to keep our costs down.

How much are your tax preparation fees?

Every accountant’s favorite answer is, “It Depends”. Our pricing is based on the complexity of your tax situation and the total time it takes to complete your return. If you’d like to know the tax preparation fees for 2022 for your specific tax situation, please call or email us.

I have a small business, what do you need to prepare my taxes?

To start we need a profit & loss statement, balance sheet and information on assets bought or sold during the year. Your books must be reconciled and categorized appropriately. We can clean up books during tax season for an additional fee, if necessary, but we recommend reviewing our bookkeeping plans to have your books in order all year round.

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