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Starting a new business doesn’t need to be expensive. Here’s how.

“You need money to make money” is how the saying goes, but that isn’t necessarily true when starting a new business. I know many of my clients and I started with a few hundred dollars, a dream and a lot of hard work. FUBU was started in a kitchen in Queens, Apple started in a garage and Disney was started with the drawing of a mouse. Now your business may not grow to the size of those listed, but it can certainly grow to be a viable and sustainable business.

This is a great article outlining some of the ways you can save a few dollars when starting a business. 6 Ways to Save When Starting Your Small Business. Take a few minutes to read through it.

For many potential entrepreneurs eager to start their own business, there are usually at least three reasons they cannot possibly do so right now. And at the top of that list is often the perceived cost of starting that new business—which they can’t possibly afford. While it’s certainly true that every new business comes with some level of expenses, you don’t actually need a million dollars from the friendly neighborhood venture capitalist to build your own business. According to a survey by global freelancing platform, PeoplePerHour , 80% of entrepreneurs surveyed started their business with less than £4,000 ($5,200). A very important step when drafting your list of startup costs is determining which items are necessary parts of your fledgling company—and which you can do without. By starting small and thinking outside the box, a savings-savvy entrepreneur can make his or her dream business an affordable reality. 1. Skip the Traditional Office Fortunately for many just starting out, one of the most expensive items on the list of business needs is also one of the most flexible: office space. Before you run out and spend $30 a square foot or more on commercial office space, you should consider if […]

If you need specific help on setting up a budget, writing a business plan or want to bounce a few ideas off of me please feel free to call or e-mail. I would be happy to help you get things off of the ground.