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Does this image look familiar to you? Don’t let the bad habits described here by Bill Gerber of AccountingDepartment.com hurt your business. I have come into contact with all of these and I know how to fix them.  Contact us today!

Are you worried you might be engaging in some (really, really, really) bad bookkeeping habits? Perhaps some seem bad but not terrible—like overflowing, poorly organized filing cabinets. And perhaps others may be triggering red flags in your mind (is your check ledger sitting on your bookkeeper’s desk right now?) Take a look at our list of the 9 worst bookkeeping practices that are poised to ruin your accounting this year! 9. An Overflowing Filing Cabinet Maybe you have stacks of invoices on your desk. Maybe your bookkeeper isn’t the most organized. Either way, this style of bookkeeping is sure to have you missing deadlines. At the very least, make an effort to buy a scanner this year and get started on a virtual filing cabinet (preferably not such a messy one). 8. Not Having Set Deadlines and Due Dates Always wondering where something is? Not sure when your report will be delivered? Lacking set deadlines and due dates is a habit sure to keep your bookkeeping late and inaccurate. 7. Not Setting Aside Payroll Taxes Regularly Trying to go it alone on payroll processing? You might want to reconsider that when the IRS comes knocking to make sure you’re […]