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About My Numbers Guy

Specializing in personal and small business tax preparation as well as small business bookkeeping.  We take these tedious, frustrating tasks off your hands, freeing you up for whatever else you would rather do- spend time with your family, friends, or your dog (we vote dog!).

Cloud-based Convenience

No more hours wasted at the accountant or bookkeeper’s office. We’re like a virtual CFO. Just upload your documents and offload the stress.

Predictable Pricing

No more worrying about racking up too many billable hours. With flat pricing, you always know what you’ll pay. Clean and simple with no surprises.

Secure & Trustworthy

We specialize in small business, so we know the unique challenges you face. And we’re bonded and insured for your security and peace of mind.

“I was able to go from a business plan and a dream to a full-time gig, staying in “the black” in just six months. I highly recommend Remington for anything you need for your small business.”

Austin Matlee, Holland Tree Services LLC

Meet Remington

I started out in the trades, building and renovating homes for my neighbor’s business. I fell in love with the feeling of seeing the finished project and knowing I helped create it. I knew I wanted more.

I went to college with the goal to run my own construction business. Throughout college I continued working in the trades, building SEPTA trains. After earning my bachelor’s degree in business and accounting, I started working for the Carpenter’s Union in Philadelphia. After gaining more knowledge of the trades, I wanted to expand my experience in accounting. I started working full time as an accountant for a small business and eventually decided to go out on my own.

I still enjoy seeing finished projects, but now they are based more on numbers and reports than buildings. Having a construction background helps me understand what you go through on a daily basis. I can help smooth out bumps you may be having with your business, that you simply don’t have the time or energy to complete.

I do still enjoy doing side construction projects in my own home or for family and friends. I’ve learned, sometimes the hard way, when it is right to seek out help from a professional. I hope you choose to do the same with your business.

What Our Customers Say

Sarah Refait

Remington was very prompt and professional with filing our tax returns. He made sure we would get the most money back that we could. This was the first time we had someone file our taxes completely online instead of in person. He made the process from start to finish so simple and quick! Thank you Remington!

Alice B. Chan

I’m incredibly happy! I have been searching for months trying to find someone to help me with my 1065. Not only is he very responsive but the whole process was incredibly easy for me. I really like that he communicates often and very clearly. The quality and the pricing is great and he truly does care about his clients.

Karin Guan Fernandez

My business went from having no accounting system (just having everything on a spreadsheet) to getting everything organized. They just completed my business and personal tax returns. Very professional and high-quality service. Highly recommend.

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